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Shanti-Som Wellness Retreat

Shanti-Som Wellness Retreat


✏️ Description

As soon as you step onto the Shanti-Som Estate, the pace of life seems to slow down just that little bit. Welcome to our world of Holistic Wellness- a secluded spot in the southern part of Spain where you can indulge your mind and body in Yoga, Pilates, Detox, Fitness and general health and wellbeing. A Wellness Retreat in Spain where time is left at the door and a new journey of self discovery begins. Hidden amongst the AndalucΓ­a hills in an intimate setting, the properties design has been thoughtfully inspired by Balinese architecture and the peaceful spirit of their people. Shanti-Som aims to bring the ancient healing ways of the East to the West. Most importantly the setting allows our guests the time and space to slow down, recharge and refresh mind and body. Unlike traditional hotels, our intimate 15 room Retreat is based on Wellness Programs focusing on our guest’s personal goals from general health, fitness, weight loss, mental wellbeing and relaxation. Our programs will introduce you to healthy, sustainable life practices, tools and strategies to enhance your health and wellbeing. During your Retreat, you will have the opportunity to explore health through the combination of balanced wholesome cuisine, rejuvenating spa treatments, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and personalised coaching.

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