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Acorn Wellness Retreat

Acorn Wellness Retreat


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We opened the doors of Acorn Wellness in January 2017. It was my dream to create a safe space for people to be inspired, nurtured and nourished and ultimately, to find a path of wellness. To find time to escape the world and connect with themselves and like minded souls seemed to be an imperative part of the plan. I had discovered the incredible benefits of yoga, mindfulness and nature and I wanted to share them. Since we opened The Acorn it has evolved and grown into something that I am so proud to be a part of. The embracing and wholehearted specialists and therapists that grace this place with their profound and inspirational teachings, have proven to be as vital as the beautiful countryside and structure of this special place. It has been a real privilege to be a part of people’s life in this way, both specialists and guests give opportunities to share and learn. I have come to see The Acorn as a place to empower individuals to embrace their life fully and optimise their health with a holistic approach – mind, body and soul.

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