District Six Museum

The ‘Hands Off District Six’ conference of 1988 led to the formation of the District Six Museum Foundation in 1989. The Foundation worked towards the establishment of the Museum which was launched on 10 December 1994 with its inaugural exhibition called Streets: Retracing District Six.


Experience incredible wildlife and stunning scenery from the back of a horse.Adventure through the African Bush and be at one with nature. We believe that riding next to wildlife is the best way to view Africa, and we are passionate about delivering a once in a lifetime journey that will never be forgotten.


Welcome to South Africa, the country of many different racial and cultural groups. I’m a registered guide, funny, story teller and knowledgable.

African Impact

If you’re looking to do an internship or volunteer project in South Africa, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re interested in creating social impact through education, contributing to wildlife conservation, learning new photography skills or volunteering in the health sector, we have a rewarding program for you

Stay Africa

There are a vast number of interesting volunteer projects available and most of them are located in in the beautiful city of Cape Town and its surrounding local communities. Volunteers can make a valuable contribution in many different facets of childcare, teaching, social, environmental and medical placements in and around Cape Town.

Conservation Travel Africa

Our vision is to contribute to a world where people and wildlife thrive together, using the positive influence of travel to contribute to wildlife conservation and cultural exchange. We take a strong stance on what constitutes responsible travel and ethical volunteering whether it be with wildlife, with children, or in communities.

Monkey Helpline

We devote our time to rescuing and rehabilitating injured Vervet Monkeys, as well as educating the public why the monkeys are here, why monkeys behave the way they do, the things people should do or not do when monkeys are around and how to humanely keep monkeys away from those places where they are not […]

African Dawn Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary

African Dawn started as more of a family interest with the owners love of birds being a major influence throughout his life. He started taking in orphaned and injured birds and animals but as more and more came in, the sanctuary grew and in 1997 it was decided to open it’s doors to the public in […]

Gallery 2

Over the last 25 years, Gallery 2 (previously known as Gallery at the Square on Nelson Mandela Square) has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading fine art galleries. Built on a strong affection for the arts, it seeks to promote contemporary South African artists across a variety of disciplines, focusing particularly on the promotion and support of […]