Six miles away

A big part of our world trip is to do volunteer work in every country we visit. This way, we can travel long term as we are provided with free accommodation and food, in return for our help a few hours a day.


Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Japan


Japan is often expensive for tourists, so volunteering is a great alternative to save money while traveling there. Depending on what you like to do, you can help take care of the elderly or children, teach languages, cleaning, cooking and other activities.


We are located in the heart of rural Japan in Gifu Prefecture. A place where nature and history can be felt everywhere. Far from the busy and high-tech city, Gifu area and it’s mountains have preserved incredible traces of the past and it’s traditions.

Akariya antique

Passionate collectors in Europe and the United States are spurred on to collect masterpieces, and in Japan, the circle of people who know the charm is gradually expanding.

MAKI Gallery

MAKI was originally established in 2003 as SAKURADO FINE ARTS, later changing its name to the present one to reflect its focus on emerging artists, while continuing to specialize in post-war and contemporary Japanese art. 

Japanese Gallery Kensington

Japanese Gallery Kensington holds one of the largest collections of Japanese Art and Antiques. Browse our catalogue for original woodblock prints, exquisite ceramics, lacquerware, inro, netsuke, Japanese swords, sword accessories and more.

Onishi Gallery

Onishi Gallery is proud to proud to feature the best of Japanese metalwork and represents many of its leading contemporary practitioners, including nine who have been designated Living National Treasures.