Salviamo l’Orso

Why is this new association for the protection of the Marsican brown bear necessary? Above all because there has been no improvement in the precarious situation this species is in, despite the renewed commitment and concern (in words at least) shown by the organisations responsible for protecting it. There is a real risk that this […]


Thanks to the experience and the ability to find innovative solutions, COOPI responds efficiently to the urgent needs of the population. In particular, in the Middle East – torn apart by the Syrian crisis – and in the Lake Chad Region – hit by Boko Haram violence – we carry out a model of intervention […]


Cesvi works in the most serious humanitarian emergencies in the world: complex situations which can be caused by natural disasters and calamities or by human action. Cesvi has brought Italy’s solidarity to all the most difficult theatres, earning the trust and esteem of the beneficiaries and of the international community.


VICOLOCORTO is a cultural youth association founded in 2006. It is non-profit, non-party and apolitical. The association specializes in youth work and international mobility. It is based in Pesaro and works at a regional level (Regione Marche) cooperating with private and public institutions.

Associazione Kora

Associazione Kora was founded in 2015 in Passignano sul Trasimeno, in the region of Umbria, to promote sustainable ways of living and social inclusion among young people. Kora is cooperating side by side with “La Buona Terra”, an educational farm located on the hills above the town of Passignano sul Trasimeno. At the farm, Kora manages several types of […]

Global Volunteers

Volunteers have served in Italian classrooms and small groups as L’amico preferitos” (“favorite friends”) since 1995.  Now in partnership with the municipal government of Castelvetrano, Sicily, we teach conversational English skills to students in high school classrooms and small groups.  Our new program is near the southwestern coast of the island, in the province of […]

International Volunteer HQ

At International Volunteer HQ, we bring people of more than 96 nationalities together to create positive transformation through life-enriching travel experiences. This transformation takes place not just within the communities we support, but also within volunteers themselves. As part of your fully hosting experience, IVHQ organizes all the stressful stuff like airport pickup and accommodation, so you […]


Etna Experience is a tour operator in Sicily which values and promotes the Etna territory.Our company was born more than 15 years ago and organizes daily Etna tours and surrounding areas. From many years, we let thousands of people from all over the world fall in love with the magic of our Volcano. We truly love our Volcano, […]

Etna & Sea Excursion

Necessity, Will and a lot of Passion for nature, the best formula to enhance our Sicilian territory. This is the basis of our project to rediscover all the hidden beauties of our island. Contact our tour operator and he will organize your dream holiday in Sicily or simply to book a flight, a holiday home, a […]

Futurismo Asinara

Futurismo Asinara is a responsible way to navigate in the natural areas while preserving the environment, marine and the terrestrial biodiversity of the place. We offer guided boat tours into the protected area of the Asinara National Park with the purpose of bringing teens and adults to enrich their scientific knowledge and to respect and preserve […]

Il Paluffo Tuscan Villa

Paluffo’s natural swimming pool is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of adventures in the Italian countryside. Take a dip among the water lilies and other aquatic plants while enjoying views of the surrounding landscape for an unforgettable experience. From the water’s edge you can admire the nearby towns of San […]

K’ Nature

K’ Nature organize expeditions in Italy, in Europe and worldwide mainly focused on wildlife observation. In addition it offers the service of specialized birdwatching, herping, mammal watching and snorkelling guides for customized day trips and tours. The tour leaders are all characterized by a deep knowledge of wildlife. Having travelled and gained professional experience in more than 30 countries, […]

Eco Tours Italia

If you like to explore the city up close, our walking tours are just what you are looking for, but if you prefer, instead, a panoramic view comfortably seated on a means of transport, there are our tourist golf carts that will take you to the characteristic places. of the city of Florence . With our authorized tour guides , experts in art and […]

Wildlife Adventures

A complex system of mountains alternating with deep valleys guards the oldest beech forests in all of Europe . Under the tree cover and close to the great plateaus there is a large population of wild herbivores consisting of deer , roe deer and wild boar . These animals share their habitat with large herds of semi-wild horses and cows and together they represent the […]

Canyon Park

We wanted to create an environment where everyone can be who they want to be. Whether you’re feeling adventurous, calm, inspired, sporty, fast, slow, relaxed or excited – there’s something here for you. Nature takes centre stage at Canyon Park – it is a truly breath-taking location. There are a range of ways that you can fully […]

Sicilian Spirit

There are places that belong to our soul. We know that we have finally landed there in the moment we see them for the very first time. After a long search we found ours in the most enchanting part of Sicily, and now Sicilian Spirit is ready to be your new yoga retreat center in […]

La Macchina Fissa

It is a private home and seat of the cultural association, Reading Retreats in Rural Italy, a holiday home to its members who come from all over the world to relax and unwind in a beautiful, rural setting. La Macchina Fissa is located on the plains of northeastern Italy, about 25 minutes south of Mantova, […]

Il Risveglio

The Meditation Center ” Il Risveglio” is located in the Tuscan hills near Grosseto. The venue host groups who are looking for a space to suggest and organize yoga retreats, tai chi, meditation and other related activities.  It offer the opportunity to stay in a quiet and pleasant place, so as to deepen the sensitivity […]


Maraviglia is the family home where owner, Francesco Piattelli, spent all of his childhood. After leaving Italy to go to school and start a business in NYC, what he noticed was a need for stillness in the frenetic big city lifestyle. He craved an escape Away from the scattered interactions, high pressure jobs, unbalanced eating, […]

Locanda della Quercia Calante

In the heart of verdant Umbria, in Castel Giorgio, only hills and nature surround the Locanda della Quercia An old stone farm house renovated in natural architectural style, nestled in the verdant hills of Orvieto, is home to the Locanda della Quercia Calante, a charming natural holiday farm in Castel Giorgio, in the heart of Umbria. Completely environmentally-friendly, the holiday farm was built to satisfy those who […]

La Montagnola Retreat

Situated between Siena and Rome, La Montagnola Retreat is set high above Lake Bolsena with stunning views over the entire lake and the mountains in the distance. A beautiful Italian villa with pool and wonderful gardens within nine hectar pure nature. A place to calm down and to feed body, mind and soul with new […]

Kushi Ling Meditation Centre

Out of consideration for the difficult situation of our planet, the centre is organized according to the principles of eco-sustainability: we offer only vegetarian food, mainly organic and local, and we protect the integrity of the natural environment in which the centre is located. By providing a good example and by including respetive subjects in […]

Via Piana

Via Piana is located just down the hill from the small village of Pescosolido, at the foot of the mountains of Abruzzi National Park. The area around the guest house is one of the most strikingly beautiful places in Italy; mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails, lakes, wildlife and many interesting ruins, churches, castles and abbeys. Unlike […]


PERSONAL RETREAT. Is the possibility to stay in Osho Miasto for a weekend or several days if you want to spend a period dedicated to yourself and your inner search. It is a flexible offer, a retreat custom made for you:  you can meditate, treat yourself to individual counseling sessions