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Sudhir Negi

Pubber River Camps in Chanshal Valley of Himachal Pradesh (INDIA) is located next to river Pubber, a new destination for people who wants to be in nature.

Sadhana Forest

The vision of its founders, Yorit and Aviram Rozin, is to transform 70 acres of severely eroded, arid land on the outskirts of Auroville. In a spirit of human unity, their aim is to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable living, food security through ecological transformation, wasteland reclamation, and veganism.

Globe Aware

As a volunteer, you will provide a much-needed hand in building and renovating important facilities for different age groups, and you will also have the opportunity to interact by teaching basic courses, games, sports, and arts and crafts. With your assistance, these kids are able to catch up with their peers and receive opportunities they […]

Thrive Seed

Thrive Seed is a non profit initiative based in New Delhi, India. We aim to establish and maintain caring and nurturing learning environments where children from less fortunate backgrounds are given the opportunity to learn, and develop, essential skills and attributes to better their own futures, and those of their communities.

YouSocial Volunteer

Build meaningful connections by pairing your unique talents with social organizations focused on creating a positive impact on society.

iSpiice Volunteer India

iSpiice Volunteer India Program give you the opportunity to combine your volunteering activities with travel in India. We offer weekend excursions to world famous sites, including a Himalayan trek, the Taj Mahal, Agra and a trip to the Golden Temple in Amritsar and more.

Bodhgaya Rural School Community Support

Walk on the land where Buddha walked over many years. Volunteer in the sacred land of Bodhgaya! This fascinating location is also considered one of the poorest regions in India. Volunteers seeking a real humanitarian and authentic Indian experience are encouraged to apply.

Rhythm Art

Rhythm Art was set up under the banner β€˜Painted Rhythm Art Gallery’ in 1987 and has since continued to promote and exhibit talented artists from all over India. With the intention of making β€˜Art Affordable for Everybody’ and with the introduction of the new generation into the family business, the gallery chose to rebrand itself.


We understand that a major concern especially for first-time buyers is the question of authenticity and provenance. At Phillips we take these concerns seriously. Our pieces are sourced from trusted dealers and collectors.

Mahua The Art Gallery

Mahua Art Gallery was founded in 2002 and has since become one of the foremost Indian galleries offering contemporary Indian art by emerging and established artists.

Art Alive Gallery

Since its inception, Art Alive Gallery has looked at contemporary Indian art from a holistic lens. Founded in 2001 by Sunaina Anand, the gallery believes in engaging the artists as well as art lovers, stoking the inquisitive nature of the two sides and feeding it with the creative energy that defines the Indian art scene. 

Aakriti Art Gallery

Aakriti Art Gallery began its journey in the first decade of the new millennium and geared up an evolution in the modern and contemporary art in India. For over a decade, Aakriti has showcased some of the unique and finest exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in India building up a gateway of Indian art […]

Chawla Art Gallery

Chawla Art Gallery envisioned as an arena for passionately presenting artworks of quality & lasting in value over the years. One of the pioneers in the art business, the gallery has a history of long association with leading artists. is a leading trip organizer in India. Aahvan organizes Travel Trips, Trekking & Road Trips at unusual regions which provide travelers an opportunity to explore destinations that are difficult to find even on maps.

Snow Leopard Adventures

Utmost emphasis is given to personalised service in our operations. Once an adventurer comes to our camps, he or she is treated as our guest. Without taking away from the essential nature of camping, we try and enhance the comfort level of our guests.Β Every tent is equipped with comfortable beds, linen, towels, mineral water etc.

Mountain Adventure Tours & Travels

Our company, Mountain Adventure Tours & Travels is a well experienced and professional local trekking company and touring agency and tour operator in Darjeeling India. We offer a large variety of extreme adventure activities and tours package holidays, including trekking, day hiking, camping, mountain bike tours, local sight-seeing tours, cultural tours, village tours, heritage walks, […]

Manu Adventures India

Manu Adventures India is a well known travel company in Dharamsala. Professionally owned and is a well managed young team offering expert Trekking, Adventure activities, Holiday tours, Jeep safaris, Paragliding in the beautiful & scenic hills of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. Manu Adventures


KSN TOURS PVT LTD (BACKPACKCLAN) is a leading Adventure Tours Company in India proffering diversified and unparalleled travel experiences to all its resilient travelers. We at Backpackclan, offer you some major travel goals with our perfectly planned road trips.

Inside Indian Jungles

Hidden Treasures India (HTI) is a destination management company, which specializes in customized tour packages. HTI also organizes the trips through the little known places of Indian Sub-Continent along with its prime attractions. We plan the tours to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Sri Lanka.

Purple Valley Yoga Centre

Over the last few years, the Ashtanga world has been through challenging experiences as a yoga community. Through painful experiences – not only personal but equally through those of others – we have the opportunity to learn and move forward with a better understanding of what it means to create a safe and supportive environment […]

Preksha Yoga Ashram

Preksha Yoga offers its students ancient indian spiritual method of yogato better oneself physically, mentally & spiritually.

Irayos Lifestyle Retreat

An organic wellness retreat that will heal you and make you feel as good as new. Irayos is a yoga retreat, naturopathy resort and an organic farm stay near Mumbai all under one roof. Irayos Lifestyle Retreat is set amidst acres and acres of serene greens, blessed with more than 800 trees and plants.