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Initiative et Développement Citoyen

Initiative et Développement Citoyen (IDC) was founded in 2010 with the aim of promoting sustainable development, international mobility, active citizenship, mutual cooperation, ecological commitment and intercultural learning. The first objective is to develop a humanist project based on a social and solidarity economy. Popularize the need for ecological preservation and a resilient vision for the future.

L’Arche en France

Sharing daily life with people with learning disabilities is a challenge. However, the relationship forged with them is full of meaning: an adventure worth it! L’Arche communities are based on relationships of mutual support and friendship between people of different social, religious and cultural backgrounds. Committing to being a volunteer (for 6 to 24 months) […]

Climate Connect

We can only solve the climate crisis through worldwide collaboration. The climate crisis is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced – and we can only solve it together. Many people are working on very effective climate solutions. We need to spread effective solutions globally. NGOs, companies, governments, public institutions and citizens need to work together to solve this crisis

Solidarités Jeunesses

Et si l’école n’était pas le seul endroit où l’on pouvait transmettre et recevoir un savoir ? Le bénévolat avec Solidarités Jeunesses, c’est avant tout une démarche d’éducation populaire.

The British School of Paris

Volunteering is an integral part of weekly school life. Poppy/Bleuet appeal supportParticipating in sport with teenagers with special educational needs. Volunteering at the Junior School.  Joining Art workshops with teenagers with special educational needs. Working with the Eco School club.  Signing up for the young managers scheme

Volunteer World

It happens hundreds of times each month – a volunteer sends an application to a project on Volunteer World. But each application is unique.We make sure that everything we do is designed to make each and every application as easy and safe as possible. From the way we engage with our volunteers and social projects, […]


ALIORE, Worldwide workshops is an association formed in September 2005 in Montpellier under the 1901 Statute which governs associations. The association aims to develop and promote the practise of traditional activities in the country or region from which they originate. This allows a total cultural immersion, while promoting the transmission of traditional knowledge and local […]