Wildsea Wales


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Located on central-west mainland Britain, between Ireland and England, and surrounded by the Atlantic sea on three sides, Wales is probably UK‘s most unknown, beautiful country with some of the most exceptional scenery, where people have always managed to coexist in harmony with its wildlife and nature. In fact, not only have they done this by leaving most of its territory unspoilt and preserving it, but they even have ‘dark sky reserves’ where you can let your imagination fly away while being amazed by pristine starlight. They have also constantly proven what an environmentally-concerned nation they are by actively participating in conservation matters to protect their local flora and fauna, of which they pride themselves. Clear examples are the fact that Wales has officially protected most of its natural territory by designating it either National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or a UNESCO Heritage Site (26% of Wales currently designated); and that it was declared the first Fair Trade Nation in the world as Ammanford was declared the country’s and world’s first Fair Trade town already in 2002. Wales is actually the only country in the World to have a continuous coastal path that stretches along its entire length of more than 1400km! Offering you breath-taking stunning coastal and countryside scenery merged beautifully together, with often sunny and sometimes even more-than-usual-British slightly warm weather. This might be one of the reasons why sea kayaking tours are so popular and so enjoyable in Wales. But possibly not only that, but also the fact that it offers you the chance of seeing some amazing marine fauna that often visit or live in these stunning shores, including bottlenose dolphinsharbour porpoisesAtlantic grey seals, leatherback turtles and basking sharks among many others.

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