Wallnau Waterbird Reserve


✏️ Description

The Wallnau Waterbird Reserve is one of the most important reserves for migratory birds in Germany and the largest of NABU’s nature conservation centres. Due to its favorable location on the migratory routes for land and water birds and because of its abundant food supply, Wallnau is a popular resting place for birds that migrate between breeding and wintering areas in spring and autumn.Β Wallnau is not only valued by migratory birds: Numerous species of birds, some of which are rare, such as the red-necked grebe and the little tern, can be observed in the nature reserve in the spring when their young are breeding and rearing.Β In winter, Wallnau is a popular area for the birds that live in northern Eurasia.Β Large numbers of birds can therefore be found in Wallnau all year round.

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