Galeria Besada

✏️ Description

The Besada Gallery began its activity in Ogrobe in 2012, founded by the local artist Carlos Álvarez Besada. The initiative tries to add one more space to the rich artistic reality of our country from the town of Ogrobe. Located in clearly contemporary aesthetic coordinates, the Gallery hosts artistic works from different disciplines such as painting, sculpture, engraving, screen printing, photography. We defend the need to place art close to the general public so that it interacts directly with the citizen, so that he can contemplate and buy art from emerging artists. The Besada Gallery also wants to facilitate the purchase and investment of your art collection in a comfortable way, putting at your disposal the club “Amig@s of the Besada Gallery”, or “Custom Art” where the Gallery will design a tailor-made project for business gifts, advice or other commissions such as portraits.

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